Welcome to Rudex Australia

Rudex Australia is an integrated service company supplying, installing and maintaining conveyor systems throughout Western Australia.

RuDex Australia (previously know as South West Splicing Services), is one of the largest supply and service companies in the South West specialising in heavy industrial rubber belt, light weight food & packaging, and an extensive range of RuDex rubber.

We offer a comprehensive range of conveyor belt and components with a full installation service by our highly trained crew 24/7. Our Bunbury head office offers a full workshop facility and is capable of in-house belt fabrication of any size and all your rubber lining requirements both in hot vulcanised and cold bonded.

Through our direct supply chain we are able to offer a high quality product at competitive pricing along with the option to supply custom made products to ensure our client's needs are completely met.

We pride ourselves on the experience and knowledge of our dedicated team who can assist you every step of the way in achieving the maximum life out of your plant and equipment.