Lightweight Food Belting

As the largest service provider in the South West, Rudex Australia has the expertise and the experience to design, construct, install and maintain conveyor belts for all applications, including specialist applications such as cleated, sidewall, food grade and elevator belts.

Volta Belting

Volta belts meet the highest standards for quality and reliability, and also the toughest international standards for food contact materials. 

Today's market demands superior hygiene levels, low production and maintenance costs and top quality conveyor belting products.

Volta's flat homogenous belts are the newest generation in belting technology designed to solve the most crucial conveying problems in a variety of industrial and food applications.


PVC Belt

PVC belting is available in smooth and matt finishes, high and low temperature options, cleans easily and has excellent resistance to oils, fats and chemicals. This makes it a highly suitable product for carrying meat, poultry and confectionary products.

Choose PVC for long life, reduced maintenance, greater performance and superior resistance to abrasion.         

PU Belt

Polyurethane (PU) belting has outstanding ply to ply and cover to ply adhesion, and is resistant to oils, fats and chemicals.

Available in a range of widths, it offers increased wear resistance with decreased porosity, and the ability to handle temperature variations.        

Solid Woven

Solid woven belts give increased resistance to edge wear, mildew, moisture and rot, and are available in a range of bottom cover finishes for both roller and slider bed conveyor systems.


Modular belt is designed for ease of cleaning and reassembly. It offers a more durable alternative to fabric-based belts with better resistance to cuts and abrasions, and superior protection from fat, oil and chemical damage.

Crescent Top

Crescent half-moon shaped profiles project from the belt surface to move packaged and bulk materials effectively. The crescent top profile has an overlap design to assure smooth and quiet running on return rolls.  Our crescent top belts are approved for food purposes.