Mining Hoses

The RuDex range of mining hoses have been specifically designed to withstand the rigorous demands of slurry handling in the harshest of mining and industrial environments.

Featuring high wear resistance combined with flexibility and vibration reduction, both hardwall and softwall models are manufactured to the highest specifications.

These speciality flexible hoses feature high tensile reinforcement cord with an embedded galvanized steel wire helix to ensure durability and strength during high pressure and vacuum applications, and to withstand high dynamic loads. Durable, versatile mining hoses that can supplied with fully integrated fixed flanges to suit requirements, or loose fitting aluminium split flanges.

Features and benefits:

  • Available in both hardwall and softwall options
  • Buffers vibration and movement
  • Standard and super abrasion resistant
  • Created for both suction and discharge applications
  • Available in various lengths to suit requirements
  • Working pressure up to 2000kpa with a burst pressure safety factor of up to 4:1
  • Weather and ozone resistant

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