Volta Belting

Volta belts meet the highest standards for quality and reliability, and also the toughest international standards for food contact materials.

Today's market demands superior hygiene levels, low production and maintenance costs and top quality conveyor belting products.

Volta's flat homogenous belts are the newest generation in belting technology designed to solve the most crucial conveying problems in a variety of industrial and food applications.

Food Belts

The food grade conveyor belts from Volta are made of a homogeneous thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which provides an excellent contact surface.


  • No modules, links, hinges or crevices that harbor bacteria and deposit fragments into the food
  • No seams or plies that fray and delaminate; no detachment of flights and guides common plied belts
  • Easily cleaned in place in very short time
  • Reduced cleaning costs (labor, water, chemicals, wastewater treatment) and downtime
  • Reduced loss of food
  • Consistent hygiene level over time
  • Lower bacteria counts, cleaner product, less investment in conforming to standards, longer product
  • shelf life; suited to HACCP
  • Easy to weld or make repairs on site

Positive Drive

The positive drive belts from Volta include SuperDrive, DualDrive and DualDrive (SP).

Volta's Positive Drive belts are smooth, with no minute crevices. Its unique thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material has been specifically designed to repel bacteria. And because it's a fully extruded homogeneous belt, it's free from fraying threads or fragments that can cause food contamination - and major nightmares.

You maybe wondering about the additional cost involved. Here's the good news - Volta belting can actually represent a significant saving That's because the material is very easy to clean, keeping water consumption and handling time to a minimum, while also offering prolonged productivity.

Mini Positive Drive

The positive drive product range from Volta now includes a series of mini positive drive belts - Mini SuperDrive, Mini SD Pulleys and Mini DualDrive.

They are designed to suit wet and dry applications in the food industry. They enable relatively small pulleys to facilitate the tight transfer of product.

The Mini Positive Drive range offers:

  • A fully hygienic solution for tight transfer applications
  • Small pitch system to allow for fabrications
  • A fully homogeneous belt
  • No complex additional mechanisms - this allows for the design of a total hygienic conveyor system with fast and effective cleaning

Low Temperature (LT) Belts for Deep Freeze Applications 

Volta's Low Temperature belts are a thermoplastic material with excellent strength and enhanced resistance to frozen temperatures.

The LT (Low Temperature) belting is rated for use at temperatures down to -35° C / -31° F. The belting will not crack and fragment. It is not brittle which means an end to fragmented particles being fed into the product flow. For extra safety, it is manufactured in a food-certified blue color.