Pulley Lagging

Our pulley lagging solutions range from a lighter weight resistant finish to a robust, heavy duty resistance. Our range includes:

  • Highly elastic, soft lagging for drive pulleys
  • Reduces slippage between belt and pulley
  • Improves and stabilises coefficient of friction
  • Evacuation of moisture and dirt
  • Protects the pulley against wear and corrosion
  • Prevents material build-up
  • Positive influence on belt tracking
  • Excellent self-cleaning properties
  • Grooved rubber lagging for drive pulley
  • For low to medium-loaded fabric belt
  • For short belt conveyers
  • Small pulley diameters (up to 800mm)

Rubber Strip Lagging

An alternative profile to rough top or ceramic, available with an arrow head or mini diamond finish.

Ceramic lagging

Ceramic tiles are bonded to a rubber backing and then the rubber is bonded to the drum equipment. The image above features Ceramic Lobby lagging (Product BML560).